Welcome to Life by Tropikal!

At Life, by Tropikal we're enthusiastic about bringing the nourishing essence of fruits and vegetables to your dining experience. Our journey commences in the sun kissed landscapes of the tropics, where a plethora of nutrient packed produce flourishes. Drawing inspiration from these regions we embarked on a mission to share their treasures globally through our thoughtfully crafted minimally processed offerings with a special focus on coconut based products.

Our Origins

Life by Tropikal was founded on an admiration for the richness of tropical regions and a vision to unite individuals with their wholesome flavours. From the markets of Southeast Asia to the orchards of Central America we collaborate with local farmers who echo our dedication to excellence and environmental responsibility. Our array of products ranging from velvety coconut milk to coconut chips is meticulously prepared using techniques that uphold their innate richness and nutritional value ensuring that each bite encapsulates the essence of the tropics.

Quality Assurance

We are committed to delivering tier processed fruits and vegetables. Our philosophy revolves around preserving the purity and natural goodness of our ingredients through processing methods. Every product from Life, by Tropikal is crafted with precision guaranteeing you receive wholesome nourishing sustenance that you can rely on.

We believe in being transparent and sourcing ethically collaborating with farmers who maintain standards of care and fair labour practices.

Embracing Tropical Diversity

Life by Tropikal is more than a brand; it's a celebration of the cultures and lively tastes of tropical regions. Our products represent a fusion of contemporary methods bringing the flavours of the tropics into your home. Whether its the mangoes from India or the creamy avocados from the Caribbean we offer an array of processed fruits and vegetables that spark inspiration and add delight to your meals.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to creating an impact through honesty, respect and accountability. Life by Tropikal assures to deliver nutritious products that nourish your body while promoting practices. Each time you select our products you're not making a choice, for yourself but also supporting a community of committed farmers and artisans contributing to the preservation of tropical beauty and biodiversity.

Come Along on Our Adventure

We welcome you to embark on this journey of exploration and nourishment.

Hope you're savoring a smoothie crafted with our coconut milk or infusing your dishes with a hint of zest using our dried fruits. We trust that our offerings bring a bit of warmth into your routine.